Gucci Reveal Part 2: The Gucci Belt

Hi, I’m Rhea and I’m a Gucci addict.

I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I’ve become Gucci obsessed, it’s official. I don’t even know how we ended up here. It’s surely the product of being someone who has no self-control when it comes to spending. It probably doesn’t help when you constantly go out shopping with your sister (@r1cc1) whose spending habits are just as bad as yours.

She’s the devil when it comes to buying luxury goods. I think some of her powers have rubbed off on me because I’m doing it all on my own and have no one to blame for my impulsive purchases! To be fair, I can’t give her all of the blame. I’ll admit, we both unhealthy encourage each others reckless shopping behaviours.

Like all of my other Gucci purchases, the Gucci belt first caught my attention on Instagram. The leather belt with the marmont style buckle has been all over my feed. I’ve always been a fan of the new marmont logo and have always wanted a bag in this style. However that dream died the minute I put my debit card into the reader and paid for my new Dionysus bag. Realistically I could never afford both. Instead getting the belt was the best way of getting something in the marmont style without actually buying the bag (for now!).

I’m often guilty of having a one track mind. When I see something that I like, I’m convinced that I don’t like anything else. Surprisingly that wasn’t the case this time. Suzie also known as Hello October brought this belt to my attention and I’m so glad that she did. I literally fell in love with this belt instantly! After watching her video, I was completely sold on a belt that I didn’t even know existed (or wanted).

As a side note, her videos are amazing and she’s definitely a great source for fashion, style and beauty related videos. Her personal style is always on point and I never fail to miss one of her videos.

As predictable as I am, I went on the hunt like a mad woman looking for this belt. Of course my first stop was Harrods but as predicted, they failed me and didn’t have it in stock. I then tried the Sloan street store and again they didn’t have it in the blue/red/black colour that I wanted. Finally, I found it at the Old Bond street store. If you’re ever looking for anything and can’t find it, I’ve now learnt that your best bet is this store.

I tried the belt in so many sizes and ended up getting the 80 inch size. This belt was perfect  as I could wear it multiple ways:

  1. Around my hips with jeans or trousers
  2. Around my waist
  3. Over a coat

I want to get the most wear from my belt so getting the right size was crucial. There’s no doubt that I annoyed the sales assistant because I must have tried on a million different sizes, multiple times.

The all leather black and brown belts were also sold out in every store I went to. Apparently, that’s what you get when you’re late to the game. Although the leather and nylon belt hasn’t been very popular, I like that it’s different. It has the gorgeous buckle from the Gucci marmot bags but also keeps within the classic Gucci style by having the stripes.

The most appealing feature for me is the fact that you get the effect of the leather belt in the front and get then the stripes in the back. My initial thought was that the belt could only be worn with casual outfits. After trying the belt on over my long coat, I think that it can easily be worn in a more sophisticated way without that casual edge.

If you’ve been constantly drooling over Gucci, I’d definitely say that the belts are a nice place to start if you want to join the trend. They can be worn with different outfits and in so many different ways than just looped through a pair of jeans. As we know, some of the Gucci accessories can be quite expensive so the belts are reasonably priced for what you’re getting.

This statement belt can literally transform any outfit instantly. You can be dressed in head to toe high street clothing but adding a belt like this can take your look to the next level without even trying. I know that I’ll be able to easily transition this piece from season to season. I’d definitely recommend splurging on a luxury belt and making it a key piece in your wardrobe.


Look out for my future posts! Hopefully I’ll be creating some looks with my new belt soon to inspire those thinking of investing in a Gucci belt.



Gucci Nylon Web belt with double G buckle 

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  1. Ricci
    November 19, 2016 / 10:30 pm

    Aba! 😳😱 your blaming me?!?! Mate I ain’t bought nothing recently as you have sheesh! Blame the Ateh! Rude! Now if only we was the same size I could jack this belt hahaha

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