How to Style Suede Knee-High Boots

As November draws to a close and we enter into December, suede boots continue to reign as a quintessential piece in any fashion lover’s winter wardrobe. We often see suede boots trending at this time of year and they never seem to go out of style. When I think of winter, I instantly think of suede boots. I think they exude sophistication and class, which is why I love them so much!

When it comes to trending fashion pieces, let’s take a moment and consider a few things…Have you ever been guilty of falling head over heels in love with something so on trend that you immediately buy it? Because I know I have. It’s happened to me on numerous occasions. It’s easy to fall into this vicious cycle but there’s one cardinal rule to keep in mind before making that purchase…

Just because something is “on trend” it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will suit you.


Styling is key: alter & adjust trends to make them work for you

With that said and done, let’s get back to talking about suede boots…

I’m roughly 5’4″ (162.56cm). Arguably I’m of average height, not too tall and not too short. However picking the right length boot can swing me into either category. Thigh-highs make me look and feel shorter than I actually am. Some people might be okay with that but that’s not something I personally like. The only way I would get away with thigh-highs would be if they were high-heeled thigh-high boots.

Let’s be real, as fierce as they look I need to be honest with myself…I can’t walk in heels around London. I just wouldn’t make it, end of story. Some women have that super-power but the fashion gods must have skipped me at birth. With that being said, I opted for these Zara knee-high suede boots. I get a happy compromise of wearing suede boots without cutting inches off my height! Plus they have a small block heel so they’re not completely flat, giving me something reasonable to walk in.

I put this outfit together to show my take on how I style suede boots. I went with a monochromatic look and used my accessories to add a pop of colour. With an all black outfit, I think it’s important to accessorise correctly. I thought that my new Gucci accessories would be perfect with this outfit. Black is always a great blank canvas for the red accents, which complement one another in the bag and belt.

One outfit doesn’t always mean one look

To give you some ideas, I also thought I’d show you 2 ways of styling the outfit:

Belt around the coat:

  • If you’re out and about shopping then this is definitely my first pick. Who said belts should stay hidden? It definitely makes a statement and also adds a pop of colour to the classic black coat.

Belt around the waist under the coat:

  • I would go with this option if I was going out for a meal. With the monochromatic look, the belt adds what I think is a nice transition from the top to the skirt. From the front the GG buckle achieves this. However from the back you get the Gucci red and navy blue stripes, as an added twist to the overall outfit.

Skirts in the winter? Hell no! I say, why not?!

Well that’s what I thought until I actually tried it out for myself. Suede boots in my opinion will ALWAYS look better with skirts or dresses. Some might think it’s a bit, let’s say “risqué” but you just don’t really get the same effect with jeans or leggings. That’s not to say that you can’t or that I wouldn’t but…

IF you decide to wear them with a skirt or dress in the winter then I (100%) advise that you wear neutral tights. Regardless of how brave you’re feeling, the cold will get to you and you’ll regret it. If you’re feeling really cold, wear shorts underneath your skirt (no one will even know!). Your boots are more than likely to slip downwards but trust me, you’ll thank me later. These boots in particular have laces at the very top. This means that you can adjust the size around the knee to make sure that they stay up. Plus with my love for all things with bows, I think this added detail is really cute.

I hope you like the outfit that I’ve put together and get inspired to create something similar! If so I’d love to see what you come up with. Be sure to leave a link below in the comments section.


Outfit details:

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