My Luxury Bag Wish List

“Life’s too short, just buy the bag” 

…but when you can’t, just keep on dreaming!

I used to be one of those girls who would never dream of even carrying a handbag. They were a hassle and didn’t fit my tomboy style. Whether we like to admit it or not, it’s a phase that many of us have been through. Instead I would ridiculously attempt to put all of my belongings into my pockets. I’d even go as far as saying that I hated them. Fast-forward to my 23 year old self and you would never hear those words even leave my lips.

I’m a self-professed handbag addict. If you’ve seen my Instagram account then you’ll know that my luxury bags hold a special place in my heart. With Christmas coming soon, I’ve decided to put myself on a luxury shopping ban. I’ve been lucky enough to have added some amazing pieces to my collection over the past year. With that in mind, it’s time to  start saving towards a future purchase.

So why create a wish list? It gives me something to aspire towards and it will keep me motivated enough to start saving again. This list is constantly changing in my mind but for now this is my luxury bag wish list:

  1. Hermès – Birkin 


The Hermès Birkin aka one of the most desired bags on the market. This is a bag that I will probably never own in my life time but will always aspire to have at the top of my list. Despite the hefty price tag, the bag in itself is to die for and very elegant.

2. Chanel – Large Classic Flap Bag 


The mother of all handbags, the classic Chanel. I don’t think I’ve seen this bag look bad on anyone as it is such a timeless piece. However I would probably go for a caviar skin just to increase the longevity of it.

3. Gucci – GG Marmont Matelassé Shoulder Bag 


Yes, another black and gold bag. Of course I had to include a Gucci bag in my list! Having recently purchased the Dionysus, the Marmont bag was always a close second and next on my wish list.

4. Christian Dior – Diorama Bag 


I love the shape of the Diorama as it resembles one of my favourite bags in my collection, the Chanel Boy. As much as I liked the bag, they originally only had them with silver hardware. After seeing this bag and others in the collection with gold hardware, it’s made me fall in love with the Diorama all over again.

5. Saint Laurent – Classic Large Monogram Saint Laurent Satchel


When I first saw the chevron pattern make its way over to Chanel, I always associated it with YSL. I was never too keen on it unless it was on a YSL bag. Again I think there’s something so elegant and classic about this bag that I could see myself using this for both formal and casual occasions.

6. Louis Vuitton –  Bosphore Backpack Monogram Canvas


Although this is the least versatile bag, I’ve always thought this would be such an amazing travelling/ day bag. It’s classified under the men’s bag on the website but I’ve seen this bag being used by both men and women. I’ve always been a fan of the monogram print and I think the style of this backpack would definitely complement my own style.

7. ChloéMedium Faye Shoulder Bag 

I’ve recently fallen in love with this bag as I’ve been seeing it all over Instagram. I think it’s such a good everyday bag that I could easily match with a lot of outfits in my wardrobe. I love the mixed metal hardware on the bag as well as the mixed material. I already use my Chloè Drew a lot and could therefore see this bag being one of my new favourites!

8. GucciSylvie Embroidered Leather Top Handle Bag 

Last but not least, this embroidered Sylvie bag from Gucci. I first saw this bag from my sister. She sent me a few pictures from her trip to Milan and the embroidered Sylvie bags have been on my radar since. The embroidery on this bag is literally to die for. It may not be for everyones taste but I think it is so pretty. I’ve been absolutely loving the embroidery trend and even took the plunge by purchasing the Gucci floral embroidered sneakers. So when I saw this bag, I instantly fell in love! Here are a few more snaps from the Milan flagship store (courtesy of @r1cc1) of the other colours and designs that they have in this style…


So those are my choices, what bags are on your wish list? I’d love to know so leave me a comment below!

Until next time…

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