Last Minute Christmas Shopping

It’s exactly 1 week until Christmas. Have I finished my Christmas shopping? Don’t be silly, of course I haven’t. I’m notorious for being a last minute shopper when it comes to Christmas time. It’s progressively getting a lot harder every year to buy my presents in the run up to Christmas now that I work full-time. Life was so much easier when I was a university student working part-time retail jobs in Westfield London and Savile Row. I had the shops at my finger tips and I would find myself buying presents after my shifts on Christmas Eve. I know, it’s terrible and I clearly haven’t learnt because I’m in the same position every year.

It’s almost Christmas time and I’m doing exactly what I said that I wouldn’t do. I left my Christmas shopping until the last minute. You might be thinking, she still has one week left! When I’m still buying presents a week before Christmas, I start to enter dangerous territory. To me this is last minute shopping! It’s probably the reason why I never have time to get into the Christmas spirit because I’m too busy frantically Christmas shopping. This year my natural instinct was to head straight into central London with my sister. As crazy as that sounds (especially so close to Christmas time), I bravely ventured out into Oxford and Regents Street. At first the crowd wasn’t as anxiety provoking as I was expecting but it definitely got busier later in the evening.

It definitely was NOT the ideal condition to be shopping in but when you’re a shopaholic, the large crowds of people don’t faze you. I guess, there was also some comfort in knowing that I wasn’t the only last minute shopper out there.

As busy as it was, there was OF COURSE time for a photo op. with the sister. The calm before the storm…

We all know that I LOVE shopping but I wouldn’t advise shopping now especially in central London. If you can handle the large crowds and people invading your personal space, then I say go for it. With that said, I was desperate and couldn’t find what I was looking for online. In my ridiculous attempt to shop, my first stop was Selfridges. While I was there I managed to get a few presents but I also took a detour to the shoe department. It’s been a while okay, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms…

I fell in love with these suede burgundy and gold Chanel sling-back heels. They just exude Christmas to me and would be so perfect for the holiday season!

Can we just take a moment of silence to appreciate how beautiful these Miu Miu sneakers are…

God knows I love a good pair of Converses but these are like Converses on crack! They’re completely over the top and over embellished but so beautiful.

I also couldn’t resist taking a closer look at the Miu Miu ballerina flats…

As controversial as these shoes are I’m falling in love with them the more I see them, especially the leather beige ones! They’re probably the most inconvenient pair of shoes that I could possibly ever purchase in the winter and haven’t managed to justify purchasing them. Regardless of that, I can’t stop thinking about them! I have my heart set on the beige ones but the black ones are also calling my name…

If I do make the splurge, which colour should I go for?

Stop number 2: Liberty London!

This place is always so pretty at this time of the year. Liberty is definitely a great place to hit if you’re looking for a personalised Christmas gift….

In my failed attempt to look for my brother’s present, I stumbled upon the Liberty London alphabet collection. They had a great selection of bags and leather goods with different letters in the typical Liberty floral design. I thought some of the things in this collection would make a great Christmas gift for anyone still looking for a personalised gift. My favourite piece was this wristlet

As another option they had these embroidered patches, which you can add to any small leather goods. I thought these were a nice alternative as stocking fillers:


As successful as my day was I still have a few presents to buy! Luckily, I have a day off from work on Thursday so I’ll be able to head into London again before Christmas.

Good luck to those last minute shoppers, I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Until next time…


*Photographs taken by @r1cc1 


  1. Ricci
    December 19, 2016 / 5:22 am

    I say buy the shoes lol

  2. Mireyna_fashionlover
    December 28, 2016 / 1:57 am

    Definitely get the miu miu ballerinas in nude . Nude matches every outfit and it stands out more than black . Have a great day beautiful. 💞

    • styleconfessionsofher
      December 29, 2016 / 5:49 pm

      Thanks for the advice ❤

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