En Pointe: The Miu Miu Ballerina Flats

This will probably go down as being my most controversial purchase yet. Realistically, who was I trying to convince? I knew it was coming. I’ve been stalking these shoes like an absolute creeper since the summer of 2016. This impulse purchase was inevitable so don’t act shocked. I gave you all a fair warning back in my ‘Last Minute Christmas Shopping’ post so you had time to prepare for this…

First things first, let me try and predict what’s going through your head right now:

Another pair of shoes, really?

Rhea, why would you spend money on these?

Those are the f-ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen

(This one’s a good one)…Why are the ribbons different colours? Are they supposed to be like that?

Did I get any of them right? Well let me assure you, my initial thought when they first came onto my radar last summer went a little something like this: “What the f*ck are those?”

Yes – We were once on the same page but as you know I’m a sucker for shoes that are on trend. I’ll admit, I found it hard to look past the alternating ribbons but once I did, I fell in love with them. Whether you like them or not, they’re definitely a head turner and you’ll be attracting people’s attention without even trying. They’re what I like to call my ‘man repelling shoes’ and they probably won’t help my case of being terminally single but alas, I’d choose these shoes over a guy any day.

I grew up taking ballet classes and went through the pleasure of having experienced the excruciating pain of dancing in pointe shoes. If you did ballet then you’ll probably agree with me by saying, you NEVER forget the excitement of getting your first pair of pointe shoes and that’s exactly the feeling I got when I purchased these bad boys…

I think it’s safe to say that ballet flats are one of the most loved pair of shoes out there. However these ballerina flats definitely took a turn (good or bad depending on your stand point) last year thanks to Miu Miu. Miu Miu have literally changed the game forever. Of course with every luxury pair of shoes that I now own, I’ve learnt to love them and could not stop thinking about them. As you know I’m very indecisive. I went backward and forth between whether to purchase a pair for months.

At 23, I never thought that I’d be purchasing a pair of ballet shoes again. I thought these were a nice salute to the young ballet dancer in me. These definitely don’t hurt as much as my pointe shoes but instead are extremely comfortable as they’re made of nappa leather. I would recommend going for your actual size or smaller as they will likely stretch over time. I went with my actual size and purchased a size 4 (U.K)/37 (E.U).

They’re unlike any other pair of shoes that I have in my collection and anything short of being quirky. I guess that’s why I’ve learnt to love them. I said that I needed to be more adventurous with my style this year and I think these shoes definitely fit the criteria. I’ve seen people style them in so many different ways that I thought it would add something edgy to my wardrobe and outfits. When people grimace and ask me why I purchased them, my answer is always the same – Why not?

Considering the expensive pricetag , they’re definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you want to make a fashion statement but you’re on a budget, Zara have some pretty ballet flats in a similar style:

Leather ballerinas with interchangeable bows – £29.99

Bow detail ballerinas – £25.99

There’s no doubt that I will be rocking the ballet trend this season with these ballerina flats. These will definitely be making an appearance in my spring/ summer looks so watch out…

Lots of love,


Shoes: Miu Miu ballerinas


  1. Ate
    April 12, 2017 / 6:38 pm

    I swear I took these photos 🙄 And didn’t I give you 10% off? LOL sheesh no love or recognition for the Ate 😫😭

    • styleconfessionsofher
      April 12, 2017 / 8:30 pm

      Haha soz yeah I’ll change it 😂

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