Coco Made Me Do It

For the love of Chanel!

It’s my one and only excuse every time.

If you follow me on Instagram then you might remember a spontaneous shopping trip to Harrods with my sister back in January. Yes – you read that correctly, JANUARY. This post has been a long time coming (I apologise!).

Chanel flats have always had a special place in my heart. They’re pricey as fuck but despite this one caveat, they’re beautifully classic to say the least.

I shockingly bought my first pair last year. Although they’ve barely seen the light of day, I love how the style of these ballet flats are sophisticated and timeless. I can literally wear and style them with almost anything. I’m an absolute sucker for bows so these ballet flats definitely get my stamp of approval every time.

My favourite colour is red, so I have this natural tendency to gravitate towards this colour in any given shopping situation. Well that’s what happened when I splurged on my red ballerina flats. As much as I love them, they don’t exactly match with a plethora of items in my wardrobe. I’m the kind of girl who loves to match so it’s almost a crime to try and force these red ballerinas into certain outfits! The colour probably isn’t the most versitile thing in the world but come on, can you blame me?

Exhibit A: 

See what I mean?

When I saw this collection of Chanel ballerinas at Harrods, a certain pair were calling my name from across the store like a homing beacon…

Exhibit B:

Chanel ballet flats in calf skin leather and in the signature Chanel colour – do I even have to say anymore?

To make things even better, my initial thought was that they would go perfectly with my Chanel filigree vanity case. If you’re wondering where my vanity case has been or why it hasn’t made any guest appearances on my social media that often, well…it’s still alive. I just don’t have the confidence in myself to use it that often for the fear that I’ll damage it. I sound like a mad woman, I know! I’m all about preservation and making sure that they stay in pristine condition because I’m high maintenance like that.

 I can already read some of your minds…If I wear both the bag with these shoes then I’ll look like a walking billboard or the next poster child for Chanel. However the contrasting toe makes the CC logo subtle enough that you can wear them with any outfit and for any occasion/ situation.

I mean, if you walk fast enough you can almost avoid the judgemental glares from people thinking that Chanel threw up all over you so I guess that’s a plus!

Sizing wise – I found that my normal size (4/37) was quite big. I would have purchased a 3.5 (36.5) but of course we all know what Harrods is like. Thanks to the points system, I’ve come to learn that you’ll be lucky if you can even find anything in your size.

Alongside my Chanel slingback heels, these flats will literally be my 2017 summer shoe! With May fast approaching I thought that I would be able to wear my Chanel flats more – it is spring after all! Of course, London has decided that it’s time for winter again. Am I the only one who is freezing their absolute ass off at the minute? Alas – with my upcoming holiday to Barcelona, I guess I have an excuse to take these bad boys out of hibernation so watch out for them…

See you in my next post!

Lots of love,


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