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A ‘beauty favourites’ blog post? I shit you not; your eyes are not deceiving you. Read the title again if you don’t believe me.

I know that beauty posts have been somewhat of a myth on this blog. I was doing fairly well up until the New Year and then they became almost non-existent. Okay – that’s an understatement; I stopped doing them full stop. Yes, you’ll find that my last beauty post was around December time. Really and truly, my blog posts became more fashion oriented and I neglected the other aspect, which I hold dear to my heart…beauty products (make-up namely!). I’m determined to stay on track and at least incorporate more beauty related posts in the near future. I know I’m blabbing on right now but I felt like this disclaimer was needed for those who might see this post as completely random. Now onto more pressing matters…

CURRENT BEAUTY FAVOURITES! These are all the things that I’ve loved recently and which I think are standout products amongst the ever-growing collection of beauty products. They include both make-up and skin care items because well I just couldn’t resist:

Jeffree Star X Manny MUA Velour Liquid Lipstick – I’m Shook

If you’ve read my previous beauty posts, you’ll know that Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks are one of my favourites on the market. This is one of two liquid lipsticks that he did in collaboration with MannyMUA. The minute I saw this shade I knew that it would be such a prefect red lip summer colour. I love a good coral toned liquid lipstick especially colours that veer more towards being red-toned coral. This medium toned coral red will suit a lot of skin tones because realistically who doesn’t look good in a red lip? God knows I’m a sucker for a red lip. Like I’ve said before, Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks have amazing longevity and are the least drying liquid lipsticks that I can actually tolerate.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics x MannyMUA Skin Frost – Eclipse 

I heard about these but hadn’t ventured into the realm of Jeffree Star’s skin frosts. I’d heard amazing things about these and this one in particular definitely didn’t disappoint. The first thing that struck me was the size. The circumference of this thing almost resembled the size of a small serving dish, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this highlighter. The colour is an absolutely stunning pale icy peach colour, which I adore. Some products claim that they’re ‘highlighters’ but this thing is pigmented as hell and on a completely different level.

Kiehl’s – Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream 

Okay this thing has literally changed my face. Before I discovered this cream, I’d been using an oil-based facial cream and wondered why I looked like a greasy mess before I’d even hit the half way mark of my working day…sometimes my lack of common sense is shocking. The answer to all of my prayers = oil free gel creams. This one from Kiehl’s is lightweight and sits nicely underneath my make up. I’ve been able to ditch my make up primers because you know what they say – less is more! If your skin is oily I’d definitely recommend this one to keep the oil at bay.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick – Pillow Talk

The Pillow Talk lip liner is one of the most raved about lip liner from this brand. So when they released this shade in lipstick form I naturally jumped on the bandwagon. The hype was so worth it because I fell in love with this shade the minute mine came through the post. It’s a beautiful pink-nude shade that will compliment practically any eye look. I also love that it’s in their matte formula because this line is probably the least drying matte lipstick that I have come across.

Pixi Glow Tonic

I was never big on toners and definitely didn’t see the need for them. This toner however has brightened, toned and conditioned my complexion, post cleanser. It again is one of those cult products that haven’t disappointed me. I have quite sensitive skin and found that it wasn’t too abrasive on my face, which was definitely a pleasant surprise!

Dior Addict Lip Glow – Coral 

There are days when I just don’t want to be putting on liquid lipstick and my go-to lip product will always be the Dior Addict lip glow. I first bought one of these bad boys back in August and quickly managed to go through my first tube. Seeing as this product was a godsend and saved my dry ass chapped lips over the winter months, I thought I’d invest in another one but in a different colour. This lip balm reacts with the pH levels on your lips and gradually increases in pigmentation the longer you wear it. I like the subtle tint that you get making it a great every day product to use on days when you’re going for a more natural look.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Palette 

I thought I would never part with my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette until this entered my life. There is a great range of shades to use in this palette and the user-friendly guide makes this palette almost fool proof, just as long as you follow the guide. The powders are finely milled and blend very easily on the skin, giving you a more natural contour (well as natural as you’re ever going to get with contour powders – just remember to blend that shit in. I know we all want that contour to cut that cheekbone but no harsh lines please!).

Of course my stand out products (if it wasn’t already obvious) are the Jeffree Star X MannyMUA products. The quality is always on point and definitely worth getting if you can because this collaboration is limited edition and difficult to get your hands on.

Lots of love,

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