Hola Barcelona!


We all know that Ed sings about how great it is to be dancing in the streets of Barcelona in his “÷” album but my lord; it definitely exceeded my expectations in every possible way. I’ve been back for just over a week now and I’m still mourning the loss of my holiday away in this beautiful city. I thought I’d share with you this long overdue photo-diary of my 5 days in Barcelona. I went away with my family to celebrate mum’s birthday and she had an absolute blast. I know what you’re thinking so let me just get this straight – YES, I’m 23 and YES I still go on holidays with my family. Some people find it unbearable to spend more than 2 days away with their families but there’s literally NOTHING that I love more. My family and I are pretty close, probably closer than most these days and we always leave each holiday with great memories. This holiday definitely didn’t disappoint.

I shamefully didn’t do a lot of research about the places that I wanted to visit beforehand. I definitely regret this, as I didn’t get a chance to see everything that I heard about whilst I was out there. I also should’ve brushed up on my GCSE Spanish but I shortly gave up on my first day out there to save myself from further embarrassment in a foreign country. Naturally like every naive British tourist, I went in with the “I’m just going to speak English everywhere and just assume that people will understand me” approach. It shockingly worked whist we were exploring but less so when we were ordering our food and couldn’t recognise what the fuck we had just ordered. So if you can, learning a little Spanish definitely won’t do you any harm.

So here are a few of my favourite places that I got a chance to visit whilst I was away in Barcelona…

Las Ramblas

The Gothic Quarter

La Boqueria

Port Vell


Park Güell

Sagrada Família

Casa Battló Gaudí

Besides the incredible food, the beautiful architecture was definitely a standout for me on this holiday and I surprisingly left Barcelona with my wallet unscathed. I even shocked myself. Of course, I was tempted on multiple occasions but I managed to control myself, which was EXTREMELY difficult when my hotel was a short distance away from the shopping distract.

Although I didn’t get to visit everything that I wanted to, it gives me an excuse to visit Barcelona again sometime in the future!

See you soon Barcelona…

Lots of love,

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