The One Where She Turned 24

Last week it was my birthday and I turned 24. Don’t even ask me how it happened because it just did. It was fucking tragic. I feel as though the older I get, birthdays become less exciting and the dread of turning another year older hits you way before the day of your actual birthday. I know what you all might be thinking:

You’re basically a foetus, you still have time!

Okay – although I didn’t exactly turn 30, I definitely thought I’d have my shit together. In my mind, turning 24 was basically a 12 month count down until I hit the halfway point of my 20’s or what people say is meant to be the best years of your life…

When you have that oh so helpful friend who points out that you’re basically 1 year away from officially being a ‘spinster’, can you really blame me for going into panic mode?! You get to that point when you fall into that deathly trap of scrolling through Facebook and I think you know what happens next…


One girl has just announced her engagement, another is giving birth to her first child and another has just finished a PhD.

Somebody please tell me why I still have Facebook? My eyes saw enough and I was l left thinking:

WTF am I even doing with my life?! 

Of course it would be me who would have a premature mid-20’s life crisis because I’m dramatic like that. In my head, I kind of knew where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing in life by the time I hit 25. When you realise that you’re no way near even reaching any of these goals, it’s disappointing to say the least.

ALAS! I packed up my self-pity party and bitch slapped myself into realising that 25 is a year away. A lot can happen in that time…

I was never one to go all out on birthdays because let’s be real, if you’re an August baby you have to learn and quickly accept the fact (from a very young age) that your friends are going to abandon you for the summer. They all conviniently jet away on a holiday that clashes with the one day of the year that you can call your own. Why did I think this year would be any different? That will remain a complete mystery to me. So after my failed and short attempt, I gave up with trying to plan something and instead spent the run up to my birthday like this:


Forever Drinking (#hashtag)

August 22nd

Lots of love,

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