Maria Tash X Liberty London: Getting Pierced

If you’re Filipino like me (well, just about) you probably won’t remember the first time you got your ears pierced. Why? Because your parents would have most likely taken you to get it done the minute you left your mother’s uterus.

Am I right or am I right?

(Okay, well maybe not that early but you know what I mean!)

With that being said, you would have thought that my parents would’ve been forthcoming towards a new piercing but apparently not. After a weekend away in Edinburgh last year with my sister, I came home with a tragus piercing. My parents are Filipino so I’m guessing you know where this story is going. The exact words from my dad went a little something like this:

“Rhea, you’ve ruined your body”

His reaction was ever so slightly over the top but let’s be real, I wasn’t expecting anything less. This year, I thought that I’d ‘ruin’ my body again and get another cartilage piercing. This time I decided to drag my partner in crime (aka my sister) down with me. I was never big on piercings and never did I think that I’d end up with 2 cartilage piercings. In my eyes I was never ‘edgy’ enough or ‘cool’ enough to pull them off. I didn’t let that stop me because that CLEARLY hasn’t changed. I’m still the same dork that I was before I got them done!

Last year I rolled with the ‘fuck it’ attitude and thought I’d continue with it this year. After last years spontaneous tragus piercing, I’d been wanting to get my daith pierced. When I asked people what they thought about daith piercings they looked at me as though I was speaking in a foreign language. Instead all I got from my nearest and dearest was a resounding chorus of confusion:

“Rhea, I don’t get it”

“Huh, where the fuck is that?”

“Daith? What’s that?!”

I’ll admit, daith piercings aren’t exactly the most common cartilage piercings. At first I initially thought they were weird but then again, I’m weird so it kind of seemed fitting. This time I thought I’d do it right and get myself pierced at Maria Tash in Liberty.

A few months after my tragus piercing, I wanted to get a piece of jewellery that was a little more ‘me’. The giant industrial looking, steel rod attached to the silver ball poking through my tragus just wasn’t cutting it for me! To be fair, what else was I expecting to get when you find yourself spontaneously getting pierced at a random tattoo parlour?! The minute I was able to change the jewellery my first stop was Maria Tash. The basic bitch in me saw a simple yet elegant rose-gold diamond and I fell in love.

Since then I knew that if I was ever going to get another piercing, it had to be at Maria Tash. The pieces at Maria Tash are anything but boring. I wanted to keep my jewellery simple and nothing too over the top. I didn’t exactly want my ear to look like a Christmas tree! So with that in mind I went with a small rose-gold daith clicker.

I had a lovely piercer who did an amazing job and would definitely recommend getting any future piercings done by Jasmine (@touch.of.color) again.

I’m sure this is the part that you’ve all been waiting for…Did it hurt?

I could lie and try to be cool by say that it didn’t hurt but fuck me, it was not a pleasant experience. Having had my tragus pierced already, I thought that I would breeze through the pain but boy was I wrong. If I were to rate it on a scale from 1-10, I would say that my tragus was around about a 4 and my daith a 6. I’d say that I have a high threshold for pain but this was like nothing I’ve experienced before.

4 weeks later I would say that it doesn’t hurt as much as the initial pain but it’s definitely not 100% healed just yet. As much as I tell myself that this will be my last cartilage piercing, I’ve definitely fallen in love with my sister’s Tash rook piercing so who knows…here’s to the next one!

Lots of love,

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  1. Ate
    September 20, 2017 / 10:12 pm

    Yay! Partner in crime 🙊😂👭

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