Another Run-In With Gucci

If you follow me on Instagram then you might remember my recent trip to Bicester Village. I had absolutely no intention of purchasing anything and I was ever so close to being in the clear until, well you know how these things go…

I spotted this bag from the inconveniently long ass queue that snakes outside the entrance of Gucci. If you’ve been to Bicester Village before you’ll know that getting into stores can be a bit of a hassle and a pain, especially when you have to wait in the cold. In my case, I had to painfully watch shoppers man-handle MY bag (yes, I’m possessive. Good luck to the bastard I end up with haha) from the other side of the window. It’s what I imagine, seeing your ex with his new girlfriend all over him would be like…well maybe to a lesser extent but the rage was real.

To all of those cynics who say that love at first sight doesn’t exist, I think it’s safe to say that for me it does when it comes to luxury bags.

If you know me well then you know that I don’t EVER run for public transport. Unless you’re Usain Bolt, just save yourself the embarrassment of the door closing in your face when you don’t make it there in time please. However in this case it was different, the minute I was in the store I dashed to the bag and yes I was in luck, the kind lady put my bag down and it was mine.

So what was the justification for this purchase?

I could reel you a long list of things to make myself feel better for spending the amount of money that I did. For example…

“You’ve had a hard few months, buy yourself something nice”

“Work has been stressful, I deserve this”

“This bag is ridiculously discounted, it would be rude of me not to…”

Typically just one of these would be enough to convince myself that I needed this bag but like a mad woman, there was no thought process. This bag had my name all over it the minute I saw it.

Introducing my new Gucci Soho backpack in black grain leather and gold hardware (my absolute favourite combination, so can you see why I couldn’t resist?!). I saw this backpack in red and pink but couldn’t convince myself to buy it, simply because of the colour combination. As beautiful as it was, I knew that I wouldn’t get a lot of wear out of it. I even said to myself, if it came in black I’d buy it. A few months later and the fashion gods answered my prayers!

If you’re lucky, you can find some pretty good bags at Bicester Village in the both the Soho and Marmont designs. I’ve even seen the iconic Soho Disco bag being sold albeit in various bright colours. You never really know what you’ll get when you go but the SA mentioned that they had a few of these backpacks in red and black but they sold out instantly. So I feel somewhat lucky that I managed to get my hands on this piece.

This bag first came onto my radar last year when I saw Kylie Jenner wearing it in red but when I saw the price of it, my dream of owning this bag died. They’ve even discontinued this bag and introduced the Marmont style backpacks in replace of the Soho backpacks.

The gold chain strap definitely made me love this bag even more and adds to the minimalist design of the bag. I was never a big fan of backpacks and I know that some people just stay clear of backpacks because they think that they can’t pull them off.

I for one was that person. I had absolutely no clue on how to even style one but having completely fallen in love and over worn my Chanel backpack; I knew that I wouldn’t have any issues trying to style this bag with my outfits. They’re literally the perfect bags for taking with you on holidays and even shopping trips down to Oxford Street. They’re just an effortless bag that you can always go to when you’re looking to wear something a little more casual.

It’s definitely a spacious backpack that has a lot more room to fit all of my rubbish in than my beloved Chanel backpack. That’s not to say that it’s a bag that’ll make you look like those ridiculous year 7’s carrying camping backpacks, which carry every single folder and textbook that they have. I think it’s a nice size that’ll compliment any outfit.

I’d definitely recommend going to Bicester Village for their Gucci store because you literally never know what they’ll have in stock.

Be sure to look out for outfits styling my new backpack!

Lots of love,


  1. Ate
    November 26, 2017 / 6:31 pm

    Hahahaha omg your face when that filipino lady was holding it!!! Forgot all about it 😜🙊😂 I borrow? Ta! 😘

  2. Beatrice
    April 21, 2018 / 11:55 pm

    How much was the Gucci Soho Disco when you saw it at Bicester?

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