It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and this last minute bitch actually managed to get all of her shopping done before Christmas eve. I feel like I deserve a trophy for that one because if you read my post from last year, you’ll know that I’m a last minute shopper when it comes to Christmas. This may come as a shock to you especially if you know what I’m like. I’m usually very organised but this is one aspect of shopping that I absolutely fail at.

One thing that has changed this year is the fact that I’m actually excited for Christmas. It finally happened and the Christmas spirit bitch slapped me across the face a little earlier this year. For the past few years you could say that I haven’t been excited for Christmas until Christmas Eve (if that). I finally reached the dreaded point where Christmas just wasn’t as magical or as thrilling as it used to be. In my mind it was telling me that I hit the peak of adulthood. It goes without saying that when you get older, you’re faced with the likelihood that Christmas won’t be the same exciting holiday that it used to be when you’re young.

I really didn’t want that to be the case for me this year. The past few months haven’t exactly been the easiest for me and well you could say that I wasn’t going to let all of the stress and disappointment bring me down in the run up to Christmas. Instead I made it almost essential that I go into central London as much as I could. Why? Because nothing gets me more into the spirit of Christmas than seeing the lights along Oxford Street or seeing the massive Christmas tree in Covent Garden. Really and truly everywhere you turn in London, you’ll see Christmas decorations!

So I did…Going out drinking 4 nights in a row probably did some damage to my liver and almost certainly contributed towards getting ill twice in 3 weeks but alas! I had that YOLO moment and thought fuck it and I don’t even regret it a single bit!

Christmas in a Filipino household…Well Christmas in my household was a big thing. I come from a big extended family so Christmas was always a little crazy. For me it gave me another excuse to dress up and I loved it but that’s changed a little. Recently in the last few years we would spend the whole day in PJs, watching movies and eating my weights worth in chocolate and Christmas food. It’s the one day of the year when my family and I can get mum to sit down and watch a movie without her falling asleep (it’s a rarity). I guess the older I’ve gotten the more I’ve enjoyed the more chilled and relax approach to Christmas.

For those who don’t know, Nochebuena is a Filipino tradition where you celebrate Christmas at midnight and typically have your Christmas dinner. Seeing as I’m not prepared to be suffering from indigestion on Christmas Day, my family and I have changed this tradition up and swapped it for a secret Santa exchange at midnight.

With that final note, I hope you all have a great Christmas!

Lots of love,

Outfit details: 

Jumper: New Look | Skirt: New Look | Boots: Zara | Scarf: Burberry | Coat: Zara | Bracelet: Hermes | Watch: Larsson & Jennings

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