How to Pull Off a Baker Boy Hat This Season, Without Looking Like the Super Mario Brothers

From my experience, hats put you on an automatic hit list, where you basically give all of your friends and family the permission to take the absolute piss out of you. When you’re in that much of a self-inflicted compromising position, your sass level significantly plummets into the minus figures and your ability to throw back an insult becomes practically non-existent. The moment you perch that fashion statement onto your head, you probably asked yourself the following question:

Do I look like an idiot in this thing?

Yes – Yes you do.

HA! Just kidding. Seriously, if you’re anything like me that little voice in your mind will tell you that you do when you probably don’t.


With that in mind, enter the baker boy hat.

I’d never even considered placing one of these things on my head and the self conscious part of me wouldn’t even go as far as purchasing one. I did both (new year, new me?). The baker boy hat first came onto the scene when I was going through Instagram (shocking, I know) and every fashion blogger I followed had one on her head. I constantly kept seeing them on my feed and naturally, curiosity got the better of me.

They’ve literally become this season’s “it” hat to be wearing along side the classic beret. I think it’s safe to say that the predictable part of me would easily have taken the beret and worn it to death by now. Instead I thought I’d challenge myself a bit. Okay, who am I kidding? It took A LOT for me to challenge myself to purchase one but I’m so glad that I did. I’ve surprisingly worn it more times than I thought I ever would.

Instantly, I started to think of things that would go with it and I played around with a few outfits. Although there’s something a little “masculine” about the baker boy hat, it definitely goes well with more feminine outfits too (as hard as it may be to believe). The last thing I wanted was for people to think that I was celebrating Halloween early by dressing up as Mario and Luigi, from the Super Mario Brothers…Awkward much?

For me I thought that I would change things up and play up the masculine side of the baker boy hat. I’d like to think that I avoided looking like Mario and Luigi, as long as I stayed away from a pair of overalls. Instead I went with my cropped biker jacket, a turtleneck jumper and a pair of floral leggings. Yes, I’m in leggings…I shocked myself with that one too! We all know that I’ve been living in skirts and over the knee boots this season so I thought I’d shake things up a bit.

I wanted the look to be predominantly edgy so I paired it with my Givenchy Lucrezia bag and Bershka ankle boots. As you know I’m an absolute sucker for anything floral so I paired this look with my Zara leggings. I think it adds that touch of femininity because we all know by now that I love to balance out my looks.

The baker boy hat adds something different and unique, which I personally love because I don’t typically wear hats. I think it’s so incredibly easy to fall into the endless cycle of wearing what you know looks good on you and what you feel comfortable with. I think I’ve gone past that and the baker boy hat has in my opinion been able to step up some of my outfits. Especially when you have that go-to outfit that you love wearing but want to change it up ever so slightly. This hat has done exactly that for me.

Whether you’ve got curly or straight hair, it’s a hat that will suit both. My gut instinct was for me to curl my hair but I was being lazy and was not prepared to spend over 2 hours attempting to curl my curl-resistant Asian hair (having silky straight hair isn’t all fun and games when you try to run a hair curler/straightener through it, believe me!).

Lastly, be confident if you attempt to wear a baker boy hat. I can assure you, the majority of the general public will not care for what you’ve decided to put on top of your head that day. If you do get the occasional stare or glance your way just ignore it and look past it. Feel the fear and go with it anyway!

Lots of love,


Outfit Details: 

Hat: Zara | Jacket: Zara | Leggings: Zara | Bag: Givenchy Lucrezia | Jumper: New Look | Boots: Bershka

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