Channeling My Inner Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf.

If you don’t know who she is then I highly advise that you Google her because if you’re into fashion, she is someone you’ll want and should know.

Actually the whole first season of Gossip Girl had me lusting over every outfit because it embodied my style just on a whole new level that I didn’t even know existed. Preppy, classic, chic and a bit daring you could say. Essentially, my style just on crack. It’s the way that I wish I could dress and walk around London in everyday but the fear of being looked at and judged for being over the top has got me holding back on fully committing until now.

Even with the show finishing in 2012 (fuck, I’m old!), I still time and time again look to the show for style inspiration. I know the styling isn’t for everyone but the style envy was so strong for me. Even when the show went down hill, I had to stay committed just to see what fashion ideas I could pull from the show.

Let’s be honest, it’s still on my bucket list to sit on the Met steps and shoot a gossip girl inspired outfit because I don’t know what else screams Gossip Girl more than that. Until my bank balance decides to recover from my recent trip to the Philippines, I won’t be going to the beautiful city that is NYC any time soon. In the mean time here’s my first take on one look.

I’ve been absolutely loving the whole over the knee boots and checkered skirt combination that I cannot even remember the last time I wore a pair of jeans out. I know it’s been my predictable look but I love it, can you blame a girl for trying to make the most of the OTK boot outfits before summer arrives?!

I think there’s always the fear of looking like one of the following when trying to do the whole preppy look:

  1. Like you’re on your way to starting your final year at Hogwarts because who in their right mind would wear a cape out in public? Me – I would, because I look fucking fabulous in it…
  2. Like you’ve just stepped out of a period drama
  3. Like a nun or Florence Nightingale (according to my brother)

Yes, there may be remnants of those laced within this outfit but I can’t deny loving the old fashioned style. High collars, frills, houndstooth check print and a cape coat? I would live in this outfit forever because it embodies my style and what I like to wear to a tee! Of course I also threw in my Chanel Filigree for good measure because nothing screams CLASSIC than a Chanel handbag.

Lots of love,

Outfit Details:

Top:Zara (similar) | Skirt:New Look | Boots:Zara | Bag:Chanel | Coat:Zara (similar from SheIn)

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