Girls in Suits: Part 1

The world of fashion is putting a twist on your basic-bitch black trouser suit. I know it’s a classic but sometimes it can be a bit of an over-kill when you look like you’re dressed to go to a funeral. Equally I know what you’re thinking…a green trouser suit? It’s not exactly the first thing that your soul screams for or gravitates towards. I mean, I think it’s more than safe to say that it’s a lot to process on the eyes but why dress like you’re going to a funeral when you can wear the suit equivalent to hospital scrubs?

All jokes aside, the suit trend is massive right now that I can’t go into any store without seeing one. In the blogger world it’s seen as socially acceptable to dress yourself like a Crayola crayon. To me it’s a massive salute to empowering women and to every girl out there who wants to be badass and rock a colourful suit. I don’t think there’s anything more sophisticated than a woman in decent tailoring. It’s very rare that you’ll see me in anything like this but again I thought I’d metaphorically throw myself out of my comfort zone with this outfit. Especially as we’re stepping into spring, I’ve wanted to inject some colour into my wardrobe. I think I’ve literally exhausted all of my monochrome outfits and my predictable OTK boots and check skirt outfit combo (sorry!).

Friends who wear suits on a daily basis to work often tell me that the last thing they want to be wearing on their days off is a suit. That’s definitely a fair point but when your old work attire consists of jeans, a sweatshirt and converses, I think it’s time I retired the 12-year-old skater girl look.

But when would I wear this out Rhea?

Well if you know what I’m like then you know that being “over dressed” is my default. With that in mind, I would happily wear this suit out casually or even shopping. Let’s be real, I’ve worn far more over the top outfits before just to go shopping. So I think I’m past the point of feeling embarrassed.

Colourful statement suits are definitely a nod in the right direction when aiming to explore with my style. They’re bold, eye-catching and not just restricted to the office. At first glance they’re a little intimidating and the fear of looking quite masculine in one is a possibility but styling and accessorising is your best-friend with these kinds of outfits.

Even though I went down the slightly casual route of wearing a printed t-shirt underneath, I think the accessories lend themselves to swing this outfit more towards the classic route but with an edge. Sometimes less is more but I wanted to play up on the bright colour so this @daintydollsboutique t-shirt was THE perfect piece for this outfit. I think it brings vibrancy and something playful without trying to look like I was wearing one of my mother’s suits from the 90’s. I couldn’t resist pairing my suit with my ever so controversial Chanel sling-backs. Yes, the “granny” shoe but I’m a fan! I guess I wanted to keep the accessories simple seeing as I was going all out with the outfit.

Some would say that I looked like I just stepped right off stage and out of a “Wicked” musical number.

To all the haters:

Yes – the Emerald City was delightful, thank you very much….

To those who are still not convinced by the colourful suit trend be sure to check out part 2 of this post and I’ll try to convince you otherwise!

Lots of love,


Outfit Details:

Blazer: ASOS | Trousers: ASOS | T-Shirt: Dainty Dolls Boutique | Shoes: Chanel (ASOS or Stradivarius dupe) | Bag: Miu Miu | Watch: Larsson & Jennings | Bracelet: Hermes 

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