Hey there,

So I guess you’ve found yourself on this page to get to know me a little more. Either that or you’ve found my blog and want to stalk me to see what the situation with all of this is. Yeah I blog a little if this is brand new information to you. It’s not something I rave on about but something that I’m still trying to find my feet with. This started off in the months after I graduated from my master’s degree and I guess it gave me a creative outlet to talk about fashion, style and strangely, myself. I like to write and that’s probably an understatement if I’m being completely honest here. All of this started off for me on Instagram and I wanted a little more space than just the caption box of an Instagram post so I finally took the courage and started this blog. My sense of style is something that has helped me build on my confidence and that word is something you’ll see me talking about a lot here on this blog. By no means is this blog perfect or updated regularly but I like having the space to capture my style and from time to time, my spontaneous/ impulsive luxury purchases…

Lots of love,



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